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Pat Magee's Surf Shop

Port Aransas, Texas

Since 1969

About Pat Magee

Pat Magee's Surf Shop opened in 1969 in Port Aransas, Texas.

Texas Surfing Legend Pat Magee

Pat, a two-time Texas Gulf Coast Surfing Champion surfed on the prestigious Dewey Weber Surf Team, a leading surfboard manufacturer in southern California. Pat also competed in the United States Surfing Championships in Hunting Beach, California.

Texas Surfing Legend Pat Magee

Pat operated a surfboard rental stand on the beach in Port Aransas during his Junior and Senior year in high school, renting surf boards, rubber surf rafts, (the predecessor to boogie boards), and sold huarache sandals from San Blas, Mexico.

Occasionally, Pat would declare a 4-day weekend, fly to Guadalajara and take a chicken bus to the west coast of Mexico to San Blas and surf. Matachen Bay has one of the longest point breaks in the world.

Rentals were a big part of his business, especially in 1971. Pat ordered 200 Easy Riders from Dewey Weber for rentals and they were all delivered in one shipment to the Corpus Christi airport. It took Pat 3 days to get all the boards to Port Aransas. Braniff Airlines was mad at Pat for a year! Pat made a deal with Dewey Weber to buy all the trade ins from the Weber Shop, resulting in an incredible selection of California name brand boards to rent and sell.

During the 60's and 70's Magee, Pat Harral and John Trice explored and surfed the west coast of Mexico extensively. A 1973 trip to El Salvador paid off with a month of great surf at Zunzal.

Texas Surfing Legend Robert August

Pat first met Robert August of the "Endless Summer" fame in San Blas, Mexico in 1969. They surfed Mexico and Costa Rico for years thereafter. Robert August and his surf team of legends did many annual promotions at the shop in Port Aransas. During the promotions, drawings were held and surf trips to Mexico and Costa Rico were given away as well as many surfboards. Pat Magee's also sponsored the Beach Boys and Jimmy Buffett in Concert.

Pat Magee's Surf Shop became one of the premier surf shops in the country. He expanded the store with a museum which included classic surfboards, magazines, photos including memorabilia depicting surfing from its Hawaiian root, the southern California 60's boom, and the Texas surf craze.

Texas Surfing Legend Pat Magee

Pat Magee's 30th Anniversary celebration in 1999 featured "Surfin' Art" at the Art Museum of South Texas, in Corpus Christi. It was an exhibit of Classic surf art, rare surfboards, and "Woodies", which drew the largest attendance in the art museums history. The Ventures, surf music legends played a concert at the museum and in the parking lot of Pat's shop on Port Aransas.

The shop also carried a huge selection of men’s and women’s swim wear, sportswear and t-shirts that made the shop famous.

After 36 years, Pat and Mary Lynn retired in 2005. They split their time between Punta Mita, Mexico, Port Aransas and Goliad, Texas.

In 2005, restaurateur Brad Lomax and Pat Magee co-founded the Texas Surf Museum in downtown Corpus Christi, Texas and it continues to be a big attraction. One of the most popular exhibits was the tribute to the 50th anniversary of Bruce Brown's surf movie "The Endless Summer". Bruce Brown, Robert August, Mike Hynson, Robert "Wingnut" Weaver and Paul Straugh were all together for this epic event.

At present, Pat and Mary Lynn continue their involvement with the Texas surf scene.

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